A Secret Sorrow Analysis

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Throughout history, there has always been the stereotype that women are supposed to only care for their family. Not all women wanted this. Most of the time they were underestimated by their spouses. Their husbands were always supportive to them, but it only seemed to push them away.
In “A Secret Sorrow” the story is encouraging marriage. The woman in the story is in a crisis because she is unable to have children. She believes that because she is unable to have children, then that might prevent her from marrying the man she loves. Both she and her husband want to be married with children. Her husband, Kai is able to show her that she can have more. In the story he says “I love you, not your procreating ability. So, we have a problem, we’ll learn to deal with it, one way or another” (pg. 35). Kai is trying to be a
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Unlike in “A Secret Sorrow” and unlike Faye. His wife seemed to fit the role, but refused to take the position. Throughout this story she is too overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a wife, as well as a mother and wants a different role. She says “The sight of them made her so sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again” (pg. 39). She then traps herself in a room, where se reads books to herself. Her husband compliments her by saying “You look… like a cloistered queen” (pg. 41). In this story the husband is in control of everything. He went to work, picked up his son from school, came home and washed the dishes and made dinner and then but the child to bed. Her husband is fulfilling her role as a mother. The husband has always been understanding of her feelings and even hired a girl to come help manage her roles. This made the wife even more upset because the girl was taking her place and filling the role she was supposed to play. The husband was always caring and did as much as he could to still make his depressed wife as happy as possible. Unlike in “A Secret Sorrow”, the authors use the husband in this story

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