A Rhetorical Analysis Of Canadian Lifestyle Choices : A Public Health Failure

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A Rhetorical Analysis of “Canadian Lifestyle Choices: A Public Health Failure”
In the essay “Canadian Lifestyle Choices: A Public Health Failure”, Daniel Rosenfield et al. discusses the government’s action regarding Canadian health policies. The authors make a strong argument that due to the Canadian governments lacking health policies, the overall health of Canadians is deteriorating. It is further discussed that the decline in health is due to poor regulation of foods, including portion sizes at restaurants, lack of properly labelled products, and added ingredients to foods. Despite that the argument being made is quite justifiable, the techniques used in the essay are ineffective in asserting the main idea. This is because the techniques used are not easily relatable to the greater public as the target audience is fellow health professionals. The strong use of bias, informal diction, and use of humour is strictly relatable to health professionals and tends to be off putting to the general public as it is harder to understand the professional’s attitudes toward the subject.
Through reading this essay it is evident that Rosenfield et al. holds a large amount of bias towards the government’s choices concerning the health of Canadians. Justly so, as the writers are health care workers, it is understandable why they are biased. However, the sharing of this strong bias throughout the essay proves to be quite over whelming as it doesn’t leave much room for alternative ideas when…

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