A Research Study Skills For Becoming A Law Degree With Foundation Year At The University Of Hull

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My recent venture to becoming a law graduate and have been enrolled in a law degree with foundation year at the University of Hull. As a foundation year student one of my modules consist of academic study skills. Academic study skills consists of developing skills that will aid me in working at a level that is satisfactory for proceeding further into my law degree. The skills that this course tries to help develop are personal, academic and analytical skills which I believe at this current moment in time I lack but I will strive to better myself and harness these skills. It also will helps me understand what higher education expects of me and also will aid me in self development which can in time boost my confidence, which in-turn will help me to manipulate information instead of being in shocked and feeling as if I have just been thrown into the deep end. Instead I will have the tools to take on the task ahead. These skills cannot only help in higher education but can help me in everyday life.

At the beginning of this module the tutor explained to us different teaching styles and how it differed from other types of education such as college and high school, as they tutor explained this I was grateful that I had been enrolled in the foundation year as I have been out of the standard forms of education for nearly three years and the only other forms of education that I have been involved in where either college and high school education, so this put me…

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