A Research Study On The Capstone And Capstone Course Behind Me

1060 Words Nov 8th, 2015 null Page
This research study was very time consuming and thought provoking. With the Pre-Capstone and Capstone courses behind me, I can now reflect on what I have learned and accomplished through the entire process. Having completed this research study, I have acquired more knowledge about the subject of research, in addition to myself as an individual. I have also brought to light the strengths and weakness of the study as a whole. I have experienced and learned a great deal by going through this process and completing this research study. I have learned exactly how much work is put into a research study; through the research of the topic, developing and writing a thorough proposal, generating and sending out a survey, imputing results, interpreting and analyzing said results as well as writing the research study itself. Consequently, through this process my research skills have improved immensely. I have learned that it is important to search for credible information from a wide variety of creditable sources as opposed to drawing all information from one or two sources alone. I learned to concentrate on each individual section to ensure that I was performing to the best of my ability on each part of this study. Furthermore, I have also learned to accept criticism, which is newly acquired. I would previously get a little hurt when I thought I did my best and received those ‘red marks’ on my paper. However, now I take the criticism, or help as I have come to label, with…

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