A Research Study On Sona Website Essays

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To fulfill one of my RER credits, I decide to participate in a research study on the SONA website. After registering, I found a study I was interested in, which was called “Just a Thought”. Before I began the experiment, the website explained what I was required to do for the study, my confidentiality, my right to consent if I wanted my data used in the study or not, andI was given contact information if I had any questions, along with an Institutional Review Board protocol number. For this study I was asked to complete a series of surveys, which asked about my personal thoughts and emotional experiences. There were thirteen different sets of questions I had to answered, each based on a different topic relating to the study. First, I answered questions about how I was feeling in that exact moment, following that were a few demographic questions. As I progressed, I found myself thinking more about how to answer each question, trying to be as accurate as possible and truthful to my emotions. A portion of the questions seemed repetitive, but the researcher explained at the beginning of the study that some questions would be similar, yet they are worded specifically to provoke a different response. I found this interesting because I agree with the researchers that the way a question is worded elicits a different response from someone. Next, I was asked to think about a very stressful situation and describe any thoughts or feelings I had about myself at that time, whether it be…

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