Essay on A Research Study On Organizational Leaders

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The organizational leaders’ objectives are to endeavor, enthuse, endorse, and encourage their team while creating an unshakeable foundation in the mentor-mentee equivalent to the role of leader-follower relationship. Leaders also want that unshakeable faith in their destiny. Regrettably, many wavering leaders do not dutifully take the role of leadership seriously and successfully of their organizations.
Daft (2008) says, “leaders have a duty to create a leader-follower relationship that engages whole people rather than treat followers as passive sheep who should blindly follow orders and support the boss” (pg.209). “For that, I need qualitative input” (Croll & Yoskovitz, 2013, pg.13). “But assessing a qualitative study is a situated activity” (de la Cuesta Benjumea, 2015, pg.885). I want to understand and learn what organizational leaders wanted. Thus, a qualitative study was chosen and conducted on three separate interviews.
Qualitative studies provide a thorough examination of leadership roles and are atomistic. This “closer look at the verbal content of the narrative has provided me with more insights on how the narrative is structured with respect to sequences of life events” (Truong, et al., 2014, pg.633). Therefore, this qualitative analysis of observations and interviews of three local leaders has helped me to create this article about specific leadership roles. Sequentially to determine what specific leadership roles leaders should have, are…

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