Essay on A Research Study On Nursing

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In healthcare, nurses play an integral role in ensuring better patient outcomes. This implies that all the state mandated ratios are very important in ensuring that the patients are safe and the nurses as well. Adequate nurse staffing is key to better patient outcomes and nurse retention whereas inadequate nurse staffing endangers the lives of the patients and leads to nurse turnovers. This project tries to answer the PICOT question, Will limiting the number of patients a nurse can take care of improve the care on patient units. The paper will explain the clinical question, critique three research articles on this subject, discuss the significance to nursing, and discuss my methodology used to search for these articles. Patient safety and earlier discharge is the current push for many hospitals and insurance companies, this question leads to this PICOT question discussed in this paper. PICOT question: Will limiting the number of patients a nurse can take care of improve the patient on critical care units? The purpose of my paper is to answer the PICOT that I will be describing further, it will hopefully be determined if lower nurse to patient ratios will improve patient safety and over all outcome. The results of a PICOT question will benefit patients and nursing staff by improving safety and patient care. P: Critical care patient I: Decrease the amount of patient per nurse C: Hire more nurses to help with patient overload O: To promote patient safety and decrease nurse…

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