Essay about A Research Study On Homosexuality

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According to Milt Ford a professor of Librial studies at the Grand Valley State University which stated thus - “Despite the fact that humans have never limited their sexual pleasure to what we now call heterosexual intercourse, the history of homosexuality is relatively short. The genital anatomy of one 's partners-or what Freud calls one 's "object choice"-did not become the definitive criterion for distinguishing homosexual and heterosexual selves until the last third of the nineteenth century. During the 1860 's and 70 's European public administrators began noticing that some people were organizing their lives not around family, household, and reproduction but around various forms of sexual pleasure.
This was probably a recent phenomenon made possible by the forces of capitalism, which tended to draw people off the land into cities away from their parishes and families and to reduce the importance of arranged marriage. Alarmed, officials began studying these populations, whom they characterized as sexual deviants and grouped according to the particular practices they engaged in. One such class of deviant came to be called "homosexuals.
Homosexuals quickly became the target of medical, psychiatric, and legal intervention, and as early as the 1870, they came together in such places as Bavaria to fight criminalization of sodomy. Until the nazis destroyed Magnus Hirschfield’s homosexual archives in Berlin and hundreds of thousands of homosexual people were sent…

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