Essay on A Research Study On Health Care

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Key words used when trying to search for my topic was handwashing, health care works with handwashing, handwashing in child care settings

A total of 100 students were observed in 10 of the most widely used public restrooms on campus to determine whether or not they washed their hands

Students that were observed using the restroom were then asked to answer survey questions upon emerging from the bathroom. The surveys were coded as to whether the student washed their hands or not and consisted of a short questionnaire regarding major and gender. This data was used to categorize students into statistical groups

This paper is over handwashing. This topic stuck out because it is comparing handwashing in college students and handwashing within the health care facilities. The problem in these research studies is that students and health care workers don’t wash their hands as much as they should, or like with the students they don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. PICOT research question. The next section will cover how the research was done throughout the studies and how they related to each other. The next section will discuss the similar parts throughout each study that was reviewed and the differences in the studies as well. The next section will follow with information retaining to the limitations of each article that was searched. The limitations will be certain things from the articles that needed to be improved in the article or had a…

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