A Research Study On Field Research Essay

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One of the most functional significance of field research is collecting first-hand data. However, nowadays, the method training for the field research is still inadequate. This week’s reading materials are presented guiding roles for IR students and scholars in this area: Christopher Lamont illustrates the importance of field research and he also introduces specific skills when the challenges occur; William S. Harvey notices several practical strategies of elite interview; and Lisa Harrison & Theresa Callan demonstrate a number of key points of focus groups method.
What is the field research? According to Lamont, Field research is the process of primary data collection, which accesses new primary data through interactions with human subjects. Additionally, interviews and focus groups are two of the most important forms of conducting IR field research. Interviews focus on the role of individuals, while focus groups record the data of dynamics of the group.
Why IR scholars should put a high value on field research? As Lamont says: first, we can’t bring the new knowledge of international relations merely through documents analysis. Because such contents of documents are limited and don’t contain detailed information that answer IR research questions; Second, some of the documents or statistics are highly problematic which would produce bias/wrong judgements; last but not least, field research can perform an important function through the process of bringing new findings and…

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