A Research Study On Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainability

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Biodiversity conservation and sustainability are the two major challenges on a global scale in all ecosystems and communities around the world. Multiple factors affect these two in complex ways, and both the areas are often identified as ‘wicked’ problems in ecology. As such, both the topics can be approached by fieldwork, tracking the underlying connections that affect the quality of human life and provide evidence-based feedback on policy matters. In my research statement, I provide an outline of my work in both biodiversity and sustainability areas.
For my dissertation in ecology, I studied the biodiversity and dynamics of the understorey community in Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) in the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu in India. KMTR is located in a biodiversity hotspot in Agastyamalai range and is home to a large number of narrow endemic species. This study resulted in the first report of the understorey shrubs in the montane evergreen forests of Western Ghats (Krishnan & Davidar, 1996). The study compared the understorey shrub community composition in old world tropical forests and the neotropics. The number of families in the understorey shrub community decreased from the Western Ghats to Central Amazon, thus Western Ghats probably has one of the richest understorey shrub community globally. While working on this study, I became aware that in several tropical forests and neotropical forests around the world, the understorey shrub community has not been…

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