Essay on A Research Study On Binge Drinking

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A majority of young people rate their health as good, very good or excellent (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011) which shows that they are pleased with their health although studies are showing that rising rates of mental disorders and risk taking behaviour are becoming a major concern.

Binge Drinking
Whilst researching the topic of binge drinking I was able to find a large number of studies that identified and explained the effects of consuming too much alcohol in a short period of time known as binge drinking. Many of these articles conducted studies of those in their late adolescence to early adulthood where a gap in the studies were there were not many studies were conducted for the early stages of youth/adolescence. The first piece of literature was a book published in 2011 by Healey, J where he gives outlines and discusses binge drinking and both the health and behaviour risks involved with drinking. Healey, J (2011) goes into large detail and has three section of the book explaining the importance of understanding alcohol and the current guidelines to reduce health risk from drinking alcohol (pg and your health, Binge drinking and the effects on young people where Healey, (2011) discusses the major alcohol related facts that are aimed for the adolescence age children and their parent where he describes the health concerns, effects and the ways in which the parents can discuss with their children about alcohol and when the best time is.

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