Essay on A Research Study Of Children 's Play

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For the observations conducted, I am basing them off Parten’s study of children’s play. In this study, children were viewed for one minute each day and “each time they were observed, their degree of social participation was characterized” (Bateman and Goodman) using Parten’s six levels of social participation. The participants of these observations interacted differently based on what kind of play they engaged in and their age showcased the difference in play in which the participants became involved in. At around the ages of two to three years old, children are more likely to engage in solitary independent play, in which the child plays alone and focuses solely on one activity. Solitary independent play is more common at younger ages. As children grow older, they engage in play that involves their peers more, such as cooperative play, which involves multiple children are interested in a particular activity. The next area of development that this observation focuses on is the different kinds of directive types introduced by Ervin-Tripp and Gordon. Children focus heavily on language in order to communicate with each other. “Social knowledge is required because the child must access where the attention of the addressee is engaged” (Ervin-Tripp and Gordon). During play and when children speak to each other, they are exposed to nonconventional instrumental moves (NCIs) and conventional instrumental moves (CIs). A main difference between children is that there is a “change…

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