A Research Study International Law Essay

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Being a Pre-Major Studies student, I can say that I am not completely certain what I want to study or furthermore, what I want my career to be, but I am sure of one thing, and that is that I want a career that engages me in the international world one way or another. My professional goal when I graduate the university is to attend Law school. In there, I want to study international law to be able to develop the necessary skills to become an attorney that deals with international affairs like immigration law or international corporate law. Even though that is a long-term goal, I am very aware that I have to develop and even polish some of my current skills to get there.
One skill that I intend to strengthen is my oral communication skills because even though I consider myself to be fairly efficient at expressing myself on paper, I need to work on expressing myself orally to other people. Part of the reason why I can sometimes struggle to verbally communicate my ideas or opinions to others is because English is not my first language. At the moment, I have been taking the necessary steps to help me develop those skills by attending a course in Bellevue College that teaches you how to translate efficiently from one language to another in a private, court or hospital setting. Since Spanish is my native language, learning how to verbally interpret or translate a written document into English will not only help me strengthen my oral communication skills, but also it is a big step…

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