Time Attendance Reflection

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My attendance in class has been fairly good in class. I am the type of person who would only miss class if I really needed to but then feels bad when I do miss class because I think I might miss something important. For this class in particular I have yet to miss a class period, which in my opinion is something to be proud of.

Time Management
When it comes to my time management skill that’s is something I have always been pretty good at. This is one of the good character traits I developed from my mom. I hate being late to things so being on time to all my classes including this one is very important to me. Time management skills are very important when it comes to working in the business industry and trying to get a job. If
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I remain quiet when the teacher is speaking. I speak when I am spoken to. When the instructor is asking for opinions and answers to questions I try to answer them to show I am paying attention and doing my reading outside of the classroom. I have never came into the classroom in a bad mood. Despite what I may have going on in I never let it interfere with what is going on in the classroom. Displaying professionalism at all times while as work is very important because it allows the person to learn how to separate business lives and personal lives.

At some point, I do feel my communication skills could be a little better. The few times we we’re put in groups I would let most of my people in my group do a lot of the talking and just observe. A lot of the times people usually would say what I wanted to say so I didn’t have anything else to say. If I do have something to say though it will be said I just don’t voice my opinion all the time because I feel like it is not needed. Before I do speak within the classroom I do try to have a clear concept of what point I am trying to convey to the rest of my classmates.

Quality of
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This course has shown me different things about myself that I couldn’t even put together. A lot of the quizzes and self-assessment we took showed a lot about my character and why I do things the way I do. This course showed me different ways to look at things, which can help me, improve my critical thinking skills. I have always been the rational one within my surroundings, especially at work. The skills I learned in the class will definitely help me at work when it comes to dealing with groups, problems in the workplace, and even ways to better improve my relationship with my

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