A Research Study Design Is A Neighbor Case Control Design Essay

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This research discusses how teens who have the same backgrounds make very different choices when it comes to avoiding teen pregnancy. The research will take a deeper look on if the teen circumstances are the same, then why are 1 out 3 girls get pregnant and others avoid pregnancy.
The research done is through qualitative-quantitative methods. The quantitative study design was a neighbor case control design. The focus groups had 6 to 8 girls in each group ranging from middle school to high school. An audio questionnaire was given to the girls in 90 minutes sessions over a six week period. Through controlled design, the focus group discussed the relationships teens have with their friends, family,partner, community, self worth,along with what knowledge they have of abstinence. A scale with 12 items pertaining to perceptions and feelings about relationships with peers and partners was created to measure self-esteem, and a scale with 9 items was created to measure knowledge regarding pregnancy. All the items used for the two scales had a two part response system attached to it. It is said that the knowledge scale could provide some inconsistent responses not because of the scale but due to lack of knowledge from the teens. The high school view point showed that they expected to be reprimanded by their family and their community would not look at them favorably. The did feel that although family and the community would not be there for them that their friends would help…

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