A Research On Stem Students Essay

1328 Words Feb 21st, 2016 null Page
As a STEM student in high school, I learned the importance of homework, projects, and gained a sense of belonging, how to apply what I learned, and mentor other STEM students through the painful amount of homework. All of the STEM students bonded like a beehive because you work together for one common cause, to graduate and go to college. At times, the course work was incredibly difficult, especially in my freshman year. Of course, most STEM students were stressed out including me. For example, in computer science no one in my class, including myself understood how to write code for our project. A friend, who already took the class, was able to explain how to write the code so I could complete the project. Due to all of the homework assigned most STEM students were stressed out, especially me. I attribute their kindness due to their struggles with the same class. On the contrary, as a STEM student being overloaded with homework provided me the opportunity to interact and bond with other STEM students, thus gain new friendships and over time I knew almost everyone in my STEM program. STEM is about problem solving and even with my struggle through math, my friends, Caterina and Victoria encouraged me to join the Math Club, which I do not think I contributed a lot to the team but learned a lot from everyone around me. Another issue with homework, I noticed arose from playing a sport or participating in extracurricular activities because it impacted the amount of time you…

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