A Research On Cyber Breaches And Vulnerabilities Essay example

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1. How would enacting S. 2105 have improved upon cybersecurity? That is, what topics raised in class would it have addressed, regarding cybersecurity?
The proposed act encourages consultation between the government and the private sector raising the level of awareness within management rank and file. As Bayuk location 387 (2012) points out, on-going communication and cooperation between the public and the private sectors will lead to a more resilient national cyber standing. As it stands today, data on cyber breaches and vulnerabilities are kept confidential and locked away. Not realizing how vulnerable various sectors are keeps managers in the dark about the threats facing their enterprise. Bayuk further emphasizes the need for closer collaboration and inclusion of cybersecurity professionals into the all the key decision making processes that take place within the organization with the intent that those responsible for safekeeping of the enterprise data remain aware of the business mission and are able to craft more suitable security apparatus in line with the business needs. The collaborative emphasis advanced by this Act would have mitigated and facilitated establishment of a more resilient cybersecurity posture.
As far as the critical infrastructure is concerned, the proposed Act recognizes the dependency of the government on the private sector for critical infrastructure and services and calls for collaboration with the private sector to determine cybersecurity…

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