Essay about A Research On Creating Life Balance

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In general terms, a strategist is an individual charged with developing and/or implementing a strategy, or plan of action. Having a strategy allows one to maximize the outcome of a particular situation. Strategy is at the core of every successful process. To be a good strategist, you must identify your goals, use certain methods to boost your effectiveness, and constantly improve.
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== Steps ==
===Identifying Your Objectives===
#Know the issues. Developing strategy is built on a foundation of understanding. In order to create a method by which you can succeed in your given area, you must recognize and accept the shortcomings. When you understand what needs work, you can build a strong action plan to overcoming those obstacles. Here 's how to spot those shortcomings.
#*Look for the activities or responsibilities you constantly put off. People often avoid what they feel less competent in.
#*Pay attention to the feedback of those around you. If your partner and your boss give similar constructive criticism, the common ground may be an area of weakness for you.
#*Ask the opinion of a trusted friend. Find someone who will speak candidly with you and ask him what areas you can refine.
#*Look closely at previous setbacks. When you failed at a task in the past, what were the major barriers to your success?
#Recognize the resources available to you. The next…

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