School Work And Family Analysis

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Many problems arise from balancing school, work, and a family. The endless struggle of cramming study time in between work breaks or the constant back and forth between work and family can be quite overwhelming. Many people get headaches just thinking about these fast paced routines. And this is completely understandable, humans weren’t built with super powers to control everything life throws at us. We weren’t programmed to be immune to life’s hard decisions. Decisions of whether to quit our job in order to be more involved with the family, or school. Or perhaps it’s the other way around and we decide instead to quit school in order to pick up extra hours at work to provide for our family. Thing is, with our low capability of handling stress …show more content…
In a recent book I’ve read an Italian girl named Bella immigrated to the U.S. from her village of Calia, Italy in order to find work to support her family. Now this book dates back to the early nineteen hundreds, so clearly humankind has been dealing with this problem for ages. Bella was the oldest of five children and in order to save her starving family she was obligated to work for minimum wage under abusive bosses who constantly cheated her out of her money. To make matters worse all the money she did earn was taken from the tenant owners she lived with, instead of being sent back home to her family. In addition to all her responsibilities, she took night classes in order to learn English, which she soon quit attending after she learned of her family’s passing. In a similar manner, a girl by the name of Yetta worked under brutal conditions to obtain money to bring her family to the United States. Throughout the book it mentions hundreds of immigrants who go through the same thing. They leave their home to succeed in America, in order to send money to their family. It’s clear to see that human beings have a tendency to fall under the pressure of balancing life’s responsibilities. And perhaps I’m wrong when I say that balancing all these tasks is impossible, but I find that life is rather unpredictable when it comes to what it throws at us. And in order to keep our sanity we must tackle these decisions with a clear head. This way we’re able to think things through instead of making rash decisions when it comes to solving how to balance life’s

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