A Research On Being A Pediatrician Essay

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In the third grade our teacher asked us to create a jar dedicated to what we wanted to be when we grew up. I knew immediately that I wanted to do this project on being a pediatrician. My favorite activity at the times was getting out of school and going to the doctor. I loved how nice my pediatrician was, how she could make me healthy when I was sick, and the lollipop I received after each visit. My pediatrician, Dr. Beall, who I have been going to since the age of two is the reason I want to be a doctor. Her kindness and passion in caring for children has inspired me. As I grew older, I could not think of any career that would satisfy me as becoming a pediatrician would. Helping children lead a healthy life is very important to me and the main reason I want to become a pediatrician. Preparing to become a pediatrician starts during undergraduate. I must satisfy required classes such as biology, chemistry and physics that will prepare me for the MCAT and other standardized tests. In my sophomore year of undergrad, I will start to diligently study for the MCAT. During my junior year, I will take the MCAT and prepare applications for medical colleges. The knowledge I will obtain during my undergraduate is important because it will be the basis of my knowledge during the rest of my schooling. By joining volunteer organizations, I will gain experience in my undergraduate that will benefit me in my career. For example, the Global Brigades is an organization at Georgia State…

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