A Research Event At Usc Essay

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If the goal is to get 30+ people to create a free Course Hero account, please describe a marketing event that you would conduct to accomplish this. In your response, please include the following information:
When and where would it take place?
I, along with a team of Course Hero interns, would host a marketing event at USC near Tommy Trojan, which is near the center of the campus. This will be held during the 1st or 2nd week of the fall and spring semester. Fall is an important time because of the new entering class of freshmen at USC. Spring is also important because we have spring freshmen as well, and it will be a second chance to recruit those who were not as successful during the fall semester.

What resources would you need for this event, and how much would it cost?

Flyers: Promote Course Hero with either special coupons and any other info that will be discuss as a team to provide the best advertisement. (Would cost about 12 cents per sheet, when printing at a library)
Spare laptops: We would have several laptops for students to create their account and have a first hand experience. (Cost about 200$ each, or we could use our own laptops to save cost) Course Hero badge pins: (This will be used for advertising purposes, which cost about 20 cents each) (Personal designed pens or pencil with imprint message like “Study less, study efficient, Your Course Hero” (Pencils cost about 42 cent each, we would need about 300 for each event, about $126 without tax)

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