Essay about A Report On The World Health Organization

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The newest fashion statement all the way from Southeastern Asia is colorful, inexpensive, innovative, and protective. Face masks can be self-decorated with any original design and have been a common accessory in China as people face the ominous threat that their own air poses to them. However, having poor air quality is not a situation unique to the Chinese only, despite Beijing being the better known through news sources. Cities in India and Pakistan claim the top 7 most polluted cities spots, while Beijing does not even break into the top 20. These cities have a serious problem that can stretch out overseas and across the world. Initially, it was difficult to judge or rate the quality of air. The requirements to define a certain standard of pollution through observation or harms caused are too controversial. Therefore, it is vital that a standard is set. The World Health Organization provides a scale to rate the quality of air in a city. That is how the cities can be rated as according to their air quality. However, along with the more drastic rating, the smog can bring along drastic deaths. A new report finds that air pollution is responsible for 40,000 deaths annually in the United Kingdom alone. But overall, 5.5 million deaths occur prematurely due to the effects of air pollution, and the largest contributors to this statistic are China and India. Although this topic seems to be neglected as the world is disrupted by news of rising violence, the deaths…

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