A Report On Lincoln County Essay

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In this report on Lincoln county, I am trying to give you a glimpse on where the county stands in terms of health status indicators, when compared to Arkansas state, and the United States as whole. While the county performed poor on certain indicators, some of them have been positive, and over the past five years, an improving trend has been observed. Emphasis is given to length of life, quality of life, morbidity, health behavior and environmental health.
Length of life:
The county showed a huge improvement from the year 2010 to 2015. In the year 2010, while it ranked 55 among the 75 counties in Arkansas (AR), Lincoln county made it to a surprising 6th place in 2015. Premature deaths declined by nearly 3,500, with 11,247 in 2010, and 7,688 in 2015. It is interesting to note that the state as a whole has performed really well in the past 5 years, however, nationally, there was an increase in about 800 premature deaths by the end of 2015.
Quality of Life:
Lincoln county dropped from the 45th rank in 2010, to 48th rank in 2015 in this aspect. In 2010, about 19% of the population had poor or fair health, which was consistent with the states percentage, and 3% higher than the national percentage. However, in 2015, the percent of population with poor and fair health increased to 28%, although the states remained at 19%, and the nations dropped to 10%.
Statistics on poor physical and mental health days have also been compiled. Poor physical health days increased from 4.2 days to…

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