A Report On Animal Hospital Essay

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Walking into the quaint, small animal hospital, clients will find a smiling face at the front desk, ready to greet them and their pet companion with a warm hello. The receptionist will ask how she can assist the client’s needs for their pet. If searching for a place to take their beloved pets when sick or in need of a yearly check-up, a person can find warm hospitality at this small local clinic located in the northwest part of Ohio. Archbold Animal Hospital offers an experienced and professional veterinarian, a caring and conscientious staff who provide compassionate care along with additional services for a person’s pet companion.
On the wall are pictures surrounding the waiting area that help to occupy the clients while waiting to see the doctor. These framed photographs are of previous and current patients that have patronized this facility. Next to these photos is a bulletin board where local residents from the area can post flyers of missing dogs or cats. There may also be notices sharing that an animal needs a new home, or there may be a thank you note from clients expressing how much they have appreciated the support of the staff during a frightening time when their cherished loved one was sick, or close to death. The clinic is set up in a practical way for the employees to efficiently do their jobs. Two exam rooms off to the side make it easy to examine the pets, and equipment is easily accessible if there is an emergency. The boarding area has roomy kennels…

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