Essay about A Report On A Regular Week Before The Military Service

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LTPA was measured by frequency measure similar to that used by Mäkinen, Borodulin, Laatikainen, Fogelholm and Prättälä (2009). The stem: “During a regular week before the military service, how often do you exercise at least 30 minutes so that you sweat and get out of breath?” was followed by seven options response scale that was collapsed into four categories: Not at all to once a month = 1, 2–4 times/month = 2, 2–3 times/ week = 3, 4–7 times/week = 4.

Eating was measured by a 36-item food frequency questionnaire asking "On how many days during the past week in civilian life (baseline)/ "during the past week" (after 8 weeks and after 6 months of military service) did you consume the following food items? The answering scale ranged from 0 to 7. The questionnaire was based on several corresponding questionnaires among Finns (e.g. Paalanen et al., 2006) and adjusted for conscripts on the bases of a previous food diary study among Finnish conscripts (Bingham et al., 2009). Two eating indexes were created: Fruit and Vegetable Index to describe the consumption of fruits or berries and fresh vegetable (the mean of the two items), and Fatty Food Index to measure fatty food consumption (the mean of five items: French fries, potato chips, pizza and kebab, hamburgers and hot dogs, meat pies and savory pastries). The Fatty Food Index was based on earlier studies of eating behavior among men in military service (Bingham et al., 2011; Jallinoja et al., 2011). The possible values on…

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