A Reflective Essay About Outdoor Education

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Final Paper: A Reflective Essay on Intro to Outdoor Education.
At the conclusion of this course, my understanding of Outdoor Education has grown tremendously. Coming into the beginning of the semester I had a very basic understanding of Outdoor Education, and its position in the greater professional world. My basic understanding consisted of the ideas and philosophy behind outdoor recreation and that was it. Now, at the conclusion of the semester, my understanding has grown tremendously. I now understand that Outdoor Education is so much more than just outdoor recreation. It includes environmental, educational, therapeutic, and recreational aspects. Personally, I would define outdoor education as learning, but with a new and honed in focus on your environment, and responses. Not just recreating, but evaluating the situations.
This course has encouraged me to remember the important places, and that an Outdoor Leadership Major is more than just a major. It is about more than the job you will pursue after graduation. It’s about finding your vocation, doing what you love, and knowing how to take those things you love, and turn them into your path. Intro to Outdoor Education has challenged me to think outside the box when it comes to higher education, and go beyond what other people say is a “useful” major. To take all those critiques and criticisms of “what is that and can you get a job with it,” and follow my heart. Who says you can’t love every moment of your higher…

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