Essay about A Reflection On My Child Observation

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This essay is a reflection on my child observation that was conducted for four weeks based on eight month old Annabel. It will first define observation then go on to identify themes and child observation literature reflecting on my experiance.

The model used for my observation was the Tavistock, originally developed by Ester Bick (1964)(cited in Le Riche & Tanner, 2002) using a psychoanalytical ideologies from Klein and Bion. We were instructed to observe a child between 0-5 years of age for an hour without taking notes, directly after the observation was completed we would have to document it using a narrative style including my reflections over a period of six weeks (see appendix 2). Annabel attend privet nursery four times a week, and resides in her family home living with mother and father (for the purpose of confidentiality her name) (see appendix 2 for child disruption). I asked the nursery to provided me with more information about Annabel, but they did not have much on her as she had just started; and I have lonely had one opportunity to ask the mother some question about her curate age and family dynamics. To date I have only been able to conduct four observations, even though I was required to do six. Briggs (1992) believed that child observations should be stretched out over a longer period of time to develop prospective social workers observation skills. He argued narrow time bands prohibit professional from developing comprehensively (Weston, 1992), therefore…

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