A Reflection On Female Bodywork Essay

1522 Words Jul 31st, 2016 null Page
As an extremely physically active female, I find bodywork to be a very central part of my life. Bodywork can be defined as “practices performed on one’s own body that connects to aesthetic modifications or maintenance of the body” (Coffey, 2012, p. 5). Bodywork is a phenomenon that has recently taken the Western world by storm, most particularly by active females. For some females, bodywork can be an especially empowering process, but for others, it can turn into an extremely damaging and ultimately disempowering experience, both physically and mentally. In this context I would describe empowerment as giving one confidence through the practice of active bodywork. This brings about the question; is female bodywork as it relates to physically active females in the Western world a more so empowering or disempowering experience? There are many reasons as to why female bodywork can overall be seen as a potentially harmful practice, and I will soon go into depth about what those reasons are, but I myself believe that the experience is an overall positive and empowering one, and I plan on using references and examples as to explain why I support this idea.
To begin, let’s start with the aforementioned reasons as to why female bodywork can be seen as a possibly disempowering practice. I think our lecture slides said it best when it was mentioned that when female bodywork is performed it could result in a constricted female physicality. This essentially means that the process of…

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