Essay about A Reflection Of The Novel ' The Monster '

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A reflection of Shelley’s journey in the monster
“Frankenstein is a story of longing. It is ultimately about the abhorrent realization that a man is the master of his own destiny, yet slave to his unanalyzed repetitions.” Says the author Barbara D’Amato in his essay entitled Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: an orphaned author’s dream and journey towards integration. In this article, the author talks about how Shelley’s life experiences and internal conflicts have manifestations in the fictionalized character that she creates in Frankenstein. The author talks about how Shelley’s loneliness of being an orphan was depicted in the monster’s loneliness and desire for a partner. This theme forms the basis of the story and the entire story has evidences which reveal how the monster acts as a reflection of Shelley’s journey. The characters in the novel resemble the author in many ways like Mary Shelley, Walton, Victor Frankenstein, and his monster are all orphans, motherless creatures. Barbara in his article, calls them motherless character because each of them is longing and searching for connection. Even while providing an alternative ideology to the feminism in the story, Shelley represents De Lacey’s family which seems almost perfect. Despite all that, the family wasn’t happy and the main component- their mother was missing in the family, which deprived the family of the role of a mother. The entire story revolves around the struggle…

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