The Themes Of Ideas In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel about a monster that was created by a human. The

monster was abandoned by his creator as well as the society right after he was born. Mary

Shelley presented the ideas of many writers in her novel, Frankenstein, and this essay will

explore the ideas put forth by different writers that are connected to Shelly’s Frankenstein.

Shelley connected William Blake’s ideas in her novel. Blake showed the hard life of Tom

Dacre, a little boy in his poem, Songs of Innocence: The Chimney Sweeper where Tom had a

dream about many chimney sweepers all locked in a coffin and an angel saved all the children by

unlocking the coffin with a special key. In the poem, he mentioned, “And by came an Angel who

had a bright
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Shelley connected John Locke’s ideas in her novel. Locke claimed, “Let us then suppose

the mind to be, as we say, white paper, void of all characters” (Trials of Modernity, 107). Locke

believes that a mind is like a white piece of paper when people were born. So that means a child

is born innocent and they will learn what their parents will teach them. Similarly, the monster in

Frankenstein was born innocent and Victor was his parent who didn’t care about his son. He

should have been proud of his creation but instead he was ashamed of it. The monster had no

friends, no family. He was frustrated for being very lonely and everyone ran away from him

including his creator, Victor which is why the monster turned himself into an evil but he was

innocent when he was born.

A monster is usually an evil creature everywhere. According to Thomas Hobbes, people

are selfish and evil by nature and they’re ready to fight. Hobbes stated, “So that in the nature of

man, we find three principal causes of quarrel. First, competition; secondly, diffidence; thirdly,

glory” (Trials of Modernity, 37). But Mary Shelley was against this idea. She supported the

monster in her novel who was innocent at the beginning but turned into a murderer because
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Newton developed the theory of gravity, the

laws of motion, mathematics such as calculus and so on. In Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor was

the genius and developed creating a new life. He masters everything that his professors had to

teach him.

Shelley connected all these writers in Frankenstein but my question is why did she

connected them in her novel? Maybe she was inspired, influenced as well as affected by all these

writers because they were all connected to her novel and she herself is connected to Frankenstein

because she was lonely since her mother died from complications when she was born and her

father was rarely at home. I believe her unconscious mind somehow felt that she was abandoned

by her mother which is why she probably connected her life with her novel, Frankenstein, where

the monster was abandoned by Victor and the society. When Victor showed his interest in

creating a human body to his professor, Mr. Krempe, he uttered, “Have you really spent your

time in studying such nonsense” (Frankenstein, 26)? Victor Frankenstein’s creation turned into

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