A Recent Study Conducted By Stomp Out Bullying Essay

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A recent study conducted by Stomp Out Bullying has concluded that one of every four teenagers is bullied throughout their life. Bullying has been an issue for many years and continues to be an issue due to it not being handled properly. Without handling the issue, it will continue to prosper as it has recently. With staggering statistics, the issue of bullying is on the rise, leading to severe consequences such as suicide; however, there are methods to stop this growing issue. Using these methods correctly, the issue can be declined or stopped. Bullying is a common action amongst schools and other public facilities, making it an easy action to notice when it happens.
For bullying to take place, “the bully abuses the victim through physical, verbal, or other means in order to gain a sense of superiority and power” (33). According to Dr. Dan Olweus, “there are seven different levels within the bully ladder: the student who wants to bully initiate the action, their followers or henchmen, supporters or passive bullies, passive supporters or possible bullies, disengaged onlookers, possible defenders, and defenders who dislike the action of bullying and help those that are victimized” (Donegan 36). The “bully ladder,” is all of the people involved in the situation where someone is being bullied by another individual or set of individuals. Bullies often target specific students based on several factors, including their looks, body shape, and race. The possible reactions to…

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