A Reading Response Of Free Tv : File Sharing And The Value Of Television

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A Reading Response of “Free TV: File-Sharing and the Value of Television” by Michael Z. Newman

Topic: The topic of Newman’s (2012) article presents the ever-changing value of TV shows as a public and private commercial enterprise. Modern TV shows have become private commercial property of TV networks, but the availability of “pirated” TV shows in P2P file-sharing networks has decreased their value. Ironically, the success of P2P file sharing has legitimized TV as a new “negotiation” of value in an age of digital convergence. Therefore, the “topic” of this article dictates the changing value systems of TV through the context of legal and illegal P2P file sharing networks that disseminate higher quality TV shows to the public.

Outline of Thesis: I.Newman (2012) Defines the Changing History of TV Distribution A.TV was free in the in the mid-20th century. B.TV became private commercialized service in late 20th and early 21st century. 1.Mass media corporations controlled TV viewing through distribution. 2.
II.The Rise of P2P File Sharing A.BitTorrents and other P2P file sharing networks allow free access to TV. 1.P2P file sharing piracy threatens corporate TV networks. B.Illegal file sharing actually inspires better TV programming and wider distribution.
III.P2P file sharing has created Free TV and boundless access for distribution. A.Illegal file sharing of TV shows has globalized TV content. 1.TV is no longer a low-quality form of entertainment produced…

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