A Project On A Week Essay

1176 Words Sep 8th, 2015 null Page
There is a project due in about a week. Let it be your most recent time intensive job. You plan your week accordingly in order to provide ample time to successfully finish this important task. Let’s say the average person may spend one to two hours preparing, creating visuals or a proposed script. Imagine being unable to complete this task in such a time. Instead, even after it being appropriate and acceptable you still find yourself finding imperfections and inexistent ‘holes’ in your acceptably fine work. This, overly prepared task-completer is me. Although my peers saw me as an ‘over-achiever’ I never thought myself as one and failed to save myself from years of misery. Many academic achievers find themselves in my same position, but why do we do it?
Guidance counselors, older friends, and teachers would always imply that ‘the more involved you are, the more likely colleges will accept you’, especially ‘leadership positions’. Many others like myself in National Honors Society, were also overcommitted yet failed to give up just one responsibility; we collectively thought ‘the more the better’. By the end of my senior year, I wanted to give up. Although I had a half schedule (four classes instead of eight), my grades were still less than pleasing (for myself), and by then I had little patience to fix them. Believing that I had tried my best throughout those previous years left me hopeless that I could try any harder. Little did I know, spending excessive amounts of time on…

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