Essay about A Project Manager For The Gsa

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As a Project Manager for the GSA, I’ve become familiar with government-wide manage requirements, capability needs, acquisition policies and management strategies that support assigned missions and functions. I am required to develop my clients’ needs assessment, confirm the clients’ needs coincided with agency needs, and from those needs, develop the SOW and IGCE for the various projects. Once the PR is submitted I am responsible to follow FAS requirements working with the Contracting Officer in obtaining proposals from contractors, contract negotiation and proposal acceptance. After the award I closely manage the day to day progress of the project.

 (2) understanding how to manage risk and the myriad of factors that influence cost, schedule, and performance;

I am currently managing the Department of Homeland Security, OCPO project in the regional office building. This is one of DHS top 10 projects. It is imperative that the end user can return to their space before the end of the fiscal year. After hours of negotiation and coordination with the contractor I came up with a schedule that will satisfy everyone’s needs. We will finish before the end of the fiscal year and the client will be back in their space.

At this point even a small setback could push us over the scheduled reoccupy date. I’ve been closely monitoring the work progress and have discovered a couple of task that will give us two additional days on the schedule. Although the contractor needs to keep…

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