A Project Loon : Balloon Powered Internet For Everyone Essay

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Some might ask, “What is a project loon?” A project loon is described as “balloon-powered Internet for everyone”. (2) The balloons are fifteen meters across and are filled with helium. The altitude of these balloons is about twenty kilometers. The balloons contains solar-powered electronics inside a boxy gondola. These electronics send high-speed cellular Internet coverage to devices. The balloon has special software that guides these balloons while they are in flight. Project Loon is named for its flying ability and for being an insane idea. What a technological world we live in!
According to Google’s website, “Project Link builds metro fiber and Wi-Fi networks to help local providers connect more people to the Internet and each other” (1). Project Link was created to bring the internet to more people and places that are lacking it. The project was aimed at some of the world’s poorest communities and to help them advance in technology. It has potential to get connected and stay connected with rural areas particularly in Africa and all over the world.
These balloons can have many benefits. New opportunities in innovation will help in the workplace. Companies and entrepreneurs will be able to accomplish goals quicker and more efficiently. It is also said that with this better Internet, opportunities will arise in education. There will be more time for creation and for learning. The network is also supposed to support data. This will help places of work especially hospitals…

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