Essay on A Positive Side Of Fire Event

825 Words Oct 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Overall, in this case study we can see a positive side to that fire event, by review safety procedures with children, teachers, parents and local community it helps prepare us for emergency situation (Brain, 2016). However, it is a good safely practice to help children take responsibility and understand that safety is important for our life. The scenario shows teachers and school, local community work together to explore fire safety concerns and how teacher intents of teaching a deep inside to explain the happen to all students and how to stay safe if during a fire accident (Marsha, 2010). The new pedagogies that we proposed are personalized learning, new learning partnerships and new technologies. This is benefits for teachers and students rethink about fire and life safely of the needs and concerns of this situation. The true story of an incident behind which we should know more about fire prevention of knowledge. Teachers provide educational information about fire safety demonstration and fire prevention for student of all ages. These efforts might have saved everyone’s life from injury or death (Marsha, 2010). Therefore, students should be offered a variety of activities including information, games and open discussion instead of doing one particular task in the classroom. We would suggest that students should pursue their own interests and learn the way how they feel conformable to learn. It is because all children interests are different specially to learn about fire…

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