A Positive Change At The Local Youth Crisis Center Essays

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I had no idea where to place my focus, and create a positive change in my community. Therefore, I began brainstorming for ideas. I had various ideas and solutions to those ideas, but no actual direction. However, one thing was certain, I wanted to work with children in foster care. I took into account past volunteer experiences, but I was still unresolved. It was not until another student approached me with an idea, to help the youth at the local Youth Crisis Center. I wanted to create a “bright spot”, and show the children at the Center that they were an important part of the community, and people do care about them. I acknowledged this problem, from a previous volunteer experience. The idea was set in motion, but there are so many more factors that led me to the solution.
I gathered data from personal experiences, past research efforts, from the Center’s staff, and owner. I asked questions concerning the actual problems the Center faced. According to the owner of the Youth Crisis Center, Ernest Moreland, he estimated the cost of caring for each child, per month to cost approximately $150.00 per day. This factored in staff salaries, and basic costs of running the facility. He stressed that the cost was extremely high, and there has not been a raise in child stipend for years, even though cost of living is on the rise. He also spoke of a lack of funding for extra activities, for the children to enjoy. He mentioned that many of the staff members pulled together with…

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