A Play At A University Interscholastic League One Act Play Essay

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In assessing a performance, I approached it much as an adjudicator for a University Interscholastic League One Act Play contest is charged. I begin by reading the play, which I was vaguely familiar with and possibly considering as an option for my students. I find when I choose a play (especially for contest) I spend more time with it, in pre-production researching and preparing, and it is usually a longer season with the contest play. (Most shows go up in four to six weeks and run for one to two weeks, while contest pieces rehearse for six to eight weeks and can run for up to six weeks.) What am I looking for in a script and a performance? I want to hear a story that is relevant, has some universal appeal, and I can relate to it. I want to see moments that make me feel. Make me feel connected to the characters, touch me in a way that I feel empathy for the characters. Telling a relevant story that touches the audience, either individually or collectively, is what any company of players is tasked with from the playwright and the director. I believe my approach is more connected to Aristotle’s view of aesthetics and catharsis; I personally seek a purge of emotion. Aesthetics and beauty are a topic much debated by philosophers, artists, and critics. My standards of judgment of aesthetics is a combination of many philosophies and ideals, but is uniquely my own.

What is aesthetically pleasing? What is beautiful? In Critique of Judgment by Immanuel Kant, he…

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