Essay on A Plan For Implementing The Spirit Of The Squirrel

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Write a 3-5 step action plan for implementing the Spirit of the Squirrel in your current work environment or a fictional long term care facility dietary services department
The first principle is the foundation of Gung Ho: the spirit of the squirrel. One of the first lessons was from observing squirrel- the value of worthwhile work.
The employee has to understand their work is important, not in terms of units produced, but how it can affect patients daily lives.Dietary department staff in long term care need to understand that they are responsible for resident health and diet. Registered dietitian nutritionists play a critical role in transitions of care for individuals for whom nutrition is a particularly essential part of the plan of care. Undernutrition and/or poor diet compliance may contribute to negative outcomes in residents or patients with pneumonia, acute myocardial infarction and heart failure and increase the likelihood of hospital readmission. Registered dietitian nutritionists should work collaboratively as part of the interdisciplinary team to make recommendations on providing, withdrawing, or withholding nutrition and hydration in individual cases and serve as active members of institutional ethics committees.
First, the work has to be understood as important
Second, it has to lead to well-understood and shared goal
Third, values have to guide all plans, decisions, and actions
Employees will contribute more when they know what really goes on in the business…

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