A Personal Note On Communication Essay

996 Words Oct 17th, 2016 4 Pages
My signature themes are communication, restorative, woo, developer, and input. Communication is strongest theme, and someone who is a communicator likes to be able to write, talk in public, and make things more interesting. A person who is restorative likes a challenging problem, and they love to take the steps to find a solution. A woo person literally loves to “win others over” meaning they love to meet new people and make new friends out of them. Someone who is a developer basically sees the good in everyone and helps whomever they come in contact with find great qualities in themselves. A person who has the input strength often likes to collect information or inanimate objects. I think that all these strengths are really me, because I am good at all of these that are listed. I also displayed all these strengths when I was younger. I know why communication is one of my number one strengths. It is because I grew up to be the only child until I was ten years old, so every time I met a new person my age I would talk to them and try to get them to be my friends. I also had to go to several different schools growing up, so I had to learn how to communicate with people and meet new people all the time. Not to mention in high school I moved to Oklahoma before I started my junior year. I think I worked on my restorative strength by always reading books and then thinking of a plan to solve the character’s before reading the author’s way of solving it. I would also try to always…

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