Essay about A Person 's Lifetime On Earth And Experiences

1855 Words Nov 10th, 2016 8 Pages
A person’s lifetime on Earth and experiences, especially his childhood stage, plays an important integral in shaping a person’s mental thought and views on humanities. Writers, specifically, draw experiences from their life time—whether good or bad—to create stories, songs or poems to persuade an audience a specific message. Similarly, Charles Baudelaire’s experiences impacted his poetry greatly, all leading to the pessimistic message that humans live in a world governed by Satan himself, where vices and sins are inevitably welcomed and good deed are rejected. The following pages will show how Baudelaire’s epoch affects his poetry by first examining two major events in his life that affected him, then by comparing the imageries evoked in his poems “To the Reader” and “Destruction”. Both poems show a strong presence of death, and thus is connected to Baudelaire’s unhappy childhood, revolutionary engagement, and later disenchantment with reality. Moreover, with each of the poems filled with shocking contents – depiction of sexual perversions, moral corruption and mental physical illness—in addition to the strong presence of death in the poems act as a reality punch, making Baudelaire a modern writer in the time period dominated by the Romantic movement, a period that did not live in reality, but instead in imaginary states. Born in 1821 Paris, Charles Baudelaire lives a life filled with semi traumatic experiences that shape his views on humanities, which then impacts his…

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