A Online Resource Guide For The School Social Worker Essays

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In the journal “Bringing Technology to School: A Online Resource Guide for the School Social Worker” provides insight how social workers can increase their professional knowledge and skills through the internet. The internet provides knowledgeable information to social workers that may be potentially beneficial to their clients and themselves. (Giffords, 2003) Throughout the journal, it provides school social workers with links to resources that be influenced into practice by presenting specific websites. For example, some current websites address school and gang violence, special needs students, drop out students, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, and many other current issues within the schools. A social workers professional is designed to educate and connect students, parents, teachers, and administrators to different issues or other resources. This journal is credible because it is from the proQuest data base.
In the journal “An Ecological and Developmental Perspective on Dropout Risk Factors in Early Adolescence: Role of School Social Workers in Dropout Prevention Efforts” presents the role school social workers play within schools, that involve dropout prevention efforts during the middle school years. During early adolescence can bring many challenges that increase academic and behavioral problems and can eventually lead to school dropout. In 2003, approximately 9.9 percent (36 million) of all 16- to 24-year-olds were not in school and had not earned their degree or…

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