A Nurse 's Number One Priority And Responsibility Should Be Patient Safety

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A nurse’s number one priority and responsibility should be patient safety. As nurse’s build a trusting relationship with their patients they are giving the patient their commitment by agreeing to provide the best quality and safe care they can give to their patient. “Timberlawn, a psychiatric state hospital in Dallas, Texas failed to provide patient safety and quality of care when one of their patients committed suicide.” (The Dallas Morning News, 2016) “This patient informed the staff that she was suicidal and according to KERA News website records show that she had suicidal ideation of hanging.” (KERA News, 2015) Also, the report states that “she used a door handle that was identified months earlier as a hazard for suicidal patients.” (The Dallas Morning News, 2016) The facility could have implemented many things to prevent this horrible tragedy from happening. The nurses could have listened to the patient and her concerns of suicidal ideation and used therapeutic communication to let her know that suicide was not the answer to her problems. The patient should have been a one-on-one suicidal precautions to prevent this from happening. I am not sure what obstacles the facility faced, they may have been short staffed and overwhelmed that day but patient safety should have been their number one concern. If I was a nurse manager at Parkland, I would have staff meetings, and ensure that everyone was doing their part. I would also complete patient rounding to see hear the…

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