A Nurse Leader And Students Nurse Role Essay examples

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Monday, November 9th: Today I was at Moses Cone hospital in both a nurse leader and students nurse role. This clinical day was our 12-hour shift day. I was co-leader with Samantha, and we shared a case where a patient was admitted for a spinal injury with a host of other previous medical issues, including confusion. It was today in my role as student leader that I felt the most comfortable fulfilling my duties. Sam and I worked a long time the day before making sure that the patient assignments fit our peers requests and capabilities. After the initial assignments, and gaining more information from the patients chart including MAR, and the nurses, we made some adjustments to the assignments. In doing this, there were some events that occurred that we could predict. A couple of these were who had the most medications at 10:00, and who would need help when their patient’s came back from dialysis. A goal that Dr. Collins had set for us as student leaders was to prioritize who needed to give their medications first. She wanted us to create a system to streamline the process of giving medications and make it more efficient. I worked to accomplish this goal by pointing out to Dr. Collins the students that were most ready to give medications and other tasks that required assistance. I also accomplished this by making sure that the students had everything the needed before getting her to help them. On the few occasions that students did not have what they needed, I acted as a…

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