Essay on A Note On The Trumpet Section

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1. Have you served in this position before? If you have, what went right, what went wrong? If you haven’t, did you interview? Why or why not? If you weren’t selected, why do you think that was? I have previously served as a section leader for two years, and would say the trumpet section has made good progress over this school year. With the little number of trumpet members in the band, the section has done a lot to step up to the occasion and play the part that may have called for double our numbers. Overall, all the members of the section have improved musically and dedicated their time to give aid to the band, rather than hurt it. The section worked cohesively when it came to helping out one another and giving advice to those that needed extra help in marching or music, and there was little to no conflict within the group. Although, the main issue we had as a section included not everyone contributing equally, or giving in the same commitment that their peer may have done. There was the occasion when a member or two came unprepared or would not keep in contact when it came to absences or missed rehearsals, but it was resolved in the end.

2. What qualifications do you exhibit that would make you a good section leader, or continue to be section leader? I am very dedicated to any task or role I am assign, and always strive to be more than just mediocre. My ambitious character pushes myself to grow musically, which I want my section members to see in hopes that my…

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