A New Season For The Uta 's Men Basketball Team Approaches Essay

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As a new season for the UTA’s men basketball team approaches, few faces could show the aptitude of a new campaign more vibrant and dynamic than that of team’s associate head coach Greg Young.
Young has a reputation for being a players’ coach and his charismatic style is what helps the team stay motivated in less desirable situations. The title “associate” coach couldn’t be more fitting when looking at his relationship with the team. You can catch Young being the only coach sitting on the bench with the players—while emphatically yelling and cheering his team to push harder and to dig deeper.
“I use strong passion and intensity when it comes to coaching, I don’t want the players to never not give it their all and let up.”
When attending a UTA basketball game, you can see the players being effected by Young’s intensity on the side line.
But to appreciate Coach Young’s vibrant intensity towards basketball, one must know where Greg Young came from and understand how his roots have shaped him to being the “electric” coach that he is.
Young has a strong foundation in the Lone Star state—especially when it comes to basketball.
Young is indigenous to Cleburne, Tex., where he was a three-sport athlete at Cleburne High School, lettering in football, baseball and basketball.
When you think of Cleburne, you think of antiquity, the Sante Fe rail road, blacksmithing, and a place where you can see original costumes from Gone With the Wind at The Gone With The Wind…

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