A New President, Hillary Clinton Or Donald J. Trump Essay

1219 Words Sep 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Aaliyah Naito-Kennerly
Professor Castrataro
HPR 062 – Personal & Community Health
September 29 2016

This year we are to elect a new President, Hillary Clinton or Donald J. Trump. Though it can be difficult to chose which to vote for, I have some information about the two candidates health care plans. Knowing the two candidates plans for health care is important because investments in the right health solutions can help improve the quality of life for many American citizens. Good health care ensures that everyone; can access a health care facility where their needed services are provided, prevent disease and disability, detect and treat health conditions, prevent death, increase life expectancy and can maintain overall physical, social, and mental health. When the health care system is broken there is lack in availability of health care facilities, high cost, and lack of insurance coverage. When these barriers to accessing health services occurs health needs are unmet and there are delays in receiving appropriate care. This can result in a decline in America’s health. It Is important to be educated on the policies of both candidates and chose what is in one’s best interest, not only for the individual but for those around them as well.
If the health plans of Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump were measured by the millions of people who are insured, Hillary would win. A new analysis finds that the number of people with health insurance could increases drastically, about…

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