A New Policy For Traveling Into Canada Essay

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Electronic Travel Authorization
A new policy for traveling into Canada has changed the way that many foreign nationals travel. Previous countries that did not require a passport of visa to fly into Canadian soil are no longer permitted to do so according to a new policy, which now requires these countries (except the United States of America) to apply for an electronic travel authorization or eTA. The electronic travel authorization system, which Canada has adopted just like the United States, will help to prevent, control and monitor the visa-exempt foreign nationals that enter the country by air for the purposes of visits and lay-overs to other countries. After the security threats launched against North American countries in the twentieth century and prior, this new immigration policy seems to only hold positive effects on law enforcement. However, how will this new policy affect those visa-exempt foreign nationals currently visiting family in Canada, or working in Canada for an extended period that laps this change? We will further explore the history and evolution of this new policy, important arguments and issues that have arisen, and lastly how case law can be applied. The application necessities and requirements are covered under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, division 1 Requirements and Selection section 11 (1.01), and the Immigration and Refugee Protections Regulations, division 2 applications section 12.04.
The Policy Canada adopted the Electronic…

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