Essay about A New Journey At The Airport

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A New Country, a New Journey
The moment I woke up, I smelled the chicken sandwiches and coffee that were served to the passengers on board. I regained my consciousness due to the loud snoring of the person sleeping beside me. I opened my eyes right before the flight attendant asked me, “Can I get you something to eat, sir?” I said, while suppressing a yawn, “A chicken sandwich and a cup of coffee, please.” She handed me the last meal on board with a smile and said in a merry voice “Here you go, sir.” After having my sandwich, I looked at my watch, it was 6:15 PM. When I gazed through the airplane 's window, I realized that although it only had been twelve hours since I bid my family farewell at the airport, it felt like a month. At the time, part of me was hoping that it was just a bad dream I’d wake up from by the deafening alarm I used to set for school. Soon, however, I realized that wasn’t the case. I was travelling to a new country, far away from home, where a new journey was about to begin.
Now, it has been almost four months since the day I parted from my family. That was the day I had to hold more responsibilities, and that was the day I arrived in the United States and became a freshman student. I will never forget what I felt that day; it was a day that changed my life, a day when the overwhelming excitement to write a new chapter in my life was mixed with the painful sadness for leaving my beloved family.
My journey began when I took my first step inside the…

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